The concept is simple, if you want to call it a concept: whatever we deem postworthy comes on here. Whatever amuses, outrages, rivets, angers or overjoys us comes on here. Depending on the time of the day, the socks we’re wearing and the issue at hand, some posts will be in German, others in English, and if we knew more languages well enough, you might find some in those, too.

By the way, “Schreibkrampf” is obviously a clever pun on “Schreikrampf” (screaming fit), which, by squeezing in that “b”, turns it into “writing fit.” So to say, the written equivalent of a screaming fit, ideally till we suffer from a “writer’s cramp” (the conventional meaning of it). You see? We thought of everything.
But you already got that.


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