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Tremé (finally)

For people like me, who’ve been left waiting impatiently for some new material since The Wire ended, good times have begun again. David Simon’s new HBO series is set in New Orleans, or the Tremé area, to be more precise. I haven’t watched any of the 4 episodes that are out yet (as of now) as I want to wait for a few more to accumulate before I delve into the series and let obsession take over. This half-hour appetizer looks like Simon’s again about to bring an overlooked or misunderstood part of America’s complex inner workings to the public, much like he did with Baltimore in The Wire. Tremé is a community originally inhabited by freed African-Americans, and still the pulsating heart of the food and music and dance that makes N’Orleans so unique. Superb acting and great music will be accompanying some of the most engaged writing I have yet seen on the telly.

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