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BP swaps Tony Hayward for Robert Dudley

In the latest Daily Show, Jon takes another well-placed and hullarious stab into the heart of the filthy beast they call BP.

Reporter’s voice: “Outgoing CEO Tony Hayward is set to receive a year’s salary and then a healthy pension worth millions. BP claims it is not a golden parachute.”

Jon Stewart: “No, of course, not a golden parachute… –  It’s just golden. Only cos BP has decided parachutes are a costly and unnecessary safety apparatus…”

And on the fact that the utterly failing Tony Hayward is being transferred to his new job for BP in Russia, while Bob Dudley leaves his post in Russia to take over American operations for BP:

Jon Stewart: “What is BP, it’s like a game of musical chairs where the music never stops, and even if it did, there’s always two really nice chairs.”

Watch the segment here.

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