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Colbert on O’Reilly’s…

Make that “on O’Reilly’s sack.”

In a match of wits, the two TV pundits exchange pleasantries and insights as Colbert offers his full adulation to his idol: the one and only Papa Bear.

What’s amazing is that Colbert not once breaks character as a staunch advocate of conservative politics, even as he’s taking the piss like a horse, and production assistants behind the cameras giggle audibly, and that O’Reilly, in turn,  not once breaks the Fox News mold of naive sternness, alternating with helpless puzzlement at the world as a whole. O’Reilly seems so hellbent to not be pulled in by Colbert and win the shiny, imaginary Fox News trophy of non-satire, he can’t even manage a single funny comeback. It’s like watching a professional carpenter bringing a file to a nailing.

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Mitts up for Romney!

In his recurring and stellar segment “The Word”, Stephen Colbert makes a case for Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy. After all, with the kind of record as a business man that Romney boasts, America can only turn out a lot slimmer, healthier and more profitable. – Or, then again, not.

If only his companies still existed to tell their stories of success.

(Click image for the video.)

Romney 2012 - Sometimes Good

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