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People, not places

This month has finally seen the release of Invincible’s long-awaited video for her song “People Not Places”, which is a personal favourite of mine.

Ilana Weaver aka Invincible grew up in Israel until the age of about 8. Now representing Michigan, and Detroit in particular, she has evolved into an outspoken rapper, an activist and entrepreneuse who lends her voice to the downtrodden of this earth, besides making flatout ingenious music. In this song, Invincible reveals what Palestinians and those who care to find out have known for decades, but which is still ignored in large parts of Israeli society: the mechanism of appropriating land and extinguishing Arab names, people and culture to make the old Arab land new Israeli land.

Bottom line: while Ilana’s mother can afford to just miss “people, not places”, Palestinians whose land was stolen and whose families dispersed do not have that luxury. Without the land, the people have nothing to cultivate their roots in.

A great track that features Abeer Alzinaty on the hook and Suhell Nafar of DAM on a bonus verse. Both are some of the highest-ranking representatives of the budding Arab-Israeli hip-hop scene and they have been featured in the prize-winning and highly recommended documentary Slingshot Hip-Hop.

Click to watch the video...

Click to watch the video...

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