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“Britain’s best days still lie ahead,”…

… says David Cameron.

John Oliver begs to differ in the Daily Show’s last installment of “Clustershag to 10 Downing”.  (click for video)

“Do you really think that Cameron thinks Britain’s best days still lie ahead?? He was being sarcastic, John. This is the same Britain which once ruled two thirds of the globe! We used to import Indian footmen to polish the cobblestones, so our beggars wouldn’t get their knees dirty…”

Awesome bit.

Ah, hell, you best watch the whole show, cos right after this bit, Lewis Black is coming for Glenn Beck, in a bad way…

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Stewart and O’Reilly

Even though they might be considered (and somehow are) opponents in the media field, I keep wondering how the two, who make it their daily business to slag off the other’s show and audience, manage to keep such a civil and good-natured tone when they guest on the other’s programme every once in a while. It’s like playing the dozens. Both are hitting the punchlines, but will only go so far as the other’s dignity isn’t hurt. Which is normal for Jon, but an exception for Bill. So kudos for sucking it in, Bill.  Stewart shows his superiority (and implicitly Bill’s boneheadedness) by going the self-deprecating route, cracking jokes at his own expense, which Bill is very reluctant to  do. Not that he couldn’t, it’s just that his audience doesn’t get irony. It’s probably the Fox News network’s policy to not get people thinking by throwing them off with irony and satire.

Currently, Jon is going to be interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor today and tomorrow night (CET) and I’d be curious how that goes.

For old time’s sake, here’s an appearance Jon made on The O’Reilly Factor 6 years ago (when the US were one year into the Iraq invasion.) Great stuff.

For the brandnew interview, peep O’Reilly. The interview is in three parts.

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Understanding finance… and kicking it in the shin.

To refute the common excuse that nobody saw the financial crisis coming once and for all, here’s a pair of videos for your bitter enjoyment.

First off, it’s a brilliant visualization of the “Crisis of Credit”, by Jonathan Jarvis. He produced this film as part of his thesis in a Media Design Program and the result sure gets a “pass” from me.

Ever wondered how this giant muck up was possible? Or you kinda know but couldn’t really explain? Here’s a great way to do so.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And now, since we’re slowly getting back on top of the issue, let’s watch how Mr. Funnyman, Jon Stewart, goes deep for a show, and that’s in the double sense of the term. He faces off with MSNBC’s Jim Cramer to give him and his audience the down-low on just how much of a crap job Jim is doing on his show “Mad Money”. And while serving up exhibit A-Z with video evidence, he effortlessly but thoroughly rips Jim a new a*hole. It’s both upsetting and refreshing to watch. The Daily Show should do this more often. The whole show with the complete setup to the duel is here (and the interview can even be watched in unedited segments, with a few extra minutes and more personal comments) and well worth peeping. Below is just a main segment to give you an idea.

The Daily Show: Brawl Street

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As bad as Jim Cramer ends up looking with his past as a hedge fund manager and current job posing as a market analyst on TV, it’s remarkable how both stay very civil and respectful of each other. That shows that he could probably do a lot better if he tried a bit.


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Good News…

First of all, thedailyshow.com now offers full episode streaming in a pretty reasonably-sized screen. (Until now, only bits and skits were available, in a much smaller screen and often introduced by some commercial.) So now I can forget about the “International edition” (weekly digest shows) on CNN.

Second, this episode here is again proof that Jon and his team still have it. The whole first half of it is instant classic. From the news of a new record on the terrorist watchlist to the New Yorker cartoon depicting Barack Obama and his wife as muslim militants. Hilarious.

(In the last bit, Pierce Brosnan comes in to plug “Mamma Mia”, which you needn’t necessarily watch. Who wants to see Pierce singing??)

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