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Colbert on O’Reilly’s…

Make that “on O’Reilly’s sack.”

In a match of wits, the two TV pundits exchange pleasantries and insights as Colbert offers his full adulation to his idol: the one and only Papa Bear.

What’s amazing is that Colbert not once breaks character as a staunch advocate of conservative politics, even as he’s taking the piss like a horse, and production assistants behind the cameras giggle audibly, and that O’Reilly, in turn,  not once breaks the Fox News mold of naive sternness, alternating with helpless puzzlement at the world as a whole. O’Reilly seems so hellbent to not be pulled in by Colbert and win the shiny, imaginary Fox News trophy of non-satire, he can’t even manage a single funny comeback. It’s like watching a professional carpenter bringing a file to a nailing.

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Stewart and O’Reilly

Even though they might be considered (and somehow are) opponents in the media field, I keep wondering how the two, who make it their daily business to slag off the other’s show and audience, manage to keep such a civil and good-natured tone when they guest on the other’s programme every once in a while. It’s like playing the dozens. Both are hitting the punchlines, but will only go so far as the other’s dignity isn’t hurt. Which is normal for Jon, but an exception for Bill. So kudos for sucking it in, Bill.  Stewart shows his superiority (and implicitly Bill’s boneheadedness) by going the self-deprecating route, cracking jokes at his own expense, which Bill is very reluctant to  do. Not that he couldn’t, it’s just that his audience doesn’t get irony. It’s probably the Fox News network’s policy to not get people thinking by throwing them off with irony and satire.

Currently, Jon is going to be interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor today and tomorrow night (CET) and I’d be curious how that goes.

For old time’s sake, here’s an appearance Jon made on The O’Reilly Factor 6 years ago (when the US were one year into the Iraq invasion.) Great stuff.

For the brandnew interview, peep O’Reilly. The interview is in three parts.

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Outfoxed (found it)

Whatta ya know… Outfoxed can be watched on G00gle video.

It’s a documentary on the inside workings of Fox News, how the executive cheeses rein in all employees to spout the same rightwing-friendly propaganda that makes Dubya Bu$h look good and that makes all of his doubters unpatriotic, Unamerican and generally dangerous. Watch interview guests get crushed and called names live on TV, whatever their valid points may be.

To call this “fair and balanced news”, as is Fox’s motto, is such a blatant piece of mindless rubbish it’s almost funny. Except it’s not.

To watch it in a higher resolution, go here. And now shut up..

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Phil Donahue is a genius…

… and Bill O’Reilly is an asshole (who knew?)

But Phil really does deserve my respect for being able to get a word in and manage to hand Bill’s ass to him.

Apparently, there is nothing Bill wouldn’t defend in the name of FauxNews.

Speaking of which, if you wanna know a bit more about how Fox works, there’s a fantastic documentary called “Outfoxed”. Below is a short trailer.


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