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Obama killing it…

I’ve been Barack Obama, I’ll be here all term. Don’t forget to tip the waitresses…

There’s a couple of hard punches in this one. Those about Cheney and the one with Axelrod had me crying with laughter.

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MBA = Master Bullshit Administration

Here are two interesting pieces about the role of business schools in the recent economic meltdown. One is a podcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National called “Most Bloody Awful”. Here the history of management is examined, which up until about 35 years ago was a craft that one learned in a company by working one’s way up and aquiring knowledge important to this particular sector. While today one buys an MBA at a business school where one gets told that afterwards one can manage everything from a company to a government agency not matter what it is about. Another way of phrasing this is: “People with money buy an admission ticket to a higher paying job” – think elite…

Interestingly enough this topic was taken up a few weeks ago by “Tagesanzeiger” here in Switzerland. Here they asked about the role of local pride and joy the Universität St. Gallen (which was called Hochschule until about 1994 btw).

Der frühere Rektor Rolf Dubs fragt sich in einem Gastbeitrag im «St. Galler Tagblatt», «warum es in der Ausbildung der massgeblichen Führungskräfte nicht gelungen ist, die Studierenden zu einem vernünftigen unternehmerischen Verhalten zu erziehen». «Unbestritten» ist laut Dubs: «Die katastrophale Bankenkrise ist zu einem guten Teil die Folge eines sträflichen Versagens vieler – nicht aller – höheren Führungskräfte bei Banken, Revisions-, Ratings- und Beratungsgesellschaften.»

And more in this vein, for those capable of reading german. Basically they know something went wrong and think they ought to do something, but not too much. Continue reading

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The name of the beast is not 666

Some may have noticed the tag I applied to the economics posts lately. I labeled those as “econopocalyshit” and thought myself very clever. Looks like a bunch of other people have been equally or even more creative. Below is a list by Bruce Sterling culled from Twitter, I think. Enjoy:

Meltdown, Credit Crunch, Great Recession, Econolypse, Depression II, D2, Compression, Subprimicide, Economic Debacle, Great Restructuring, the Bailout, TEOTWAWKI “The End of the World As We Know It,” The Long Emergency, The New Dark Ages, The New Austerity, the Inflection, The Great Disruption, Housing Crisis, Market FAIL, The Great Re-Skilling, Global Economic Restructuring, Tsunami, the Enronicom, The Great Ponzi, the Great Fake, Bush’s Legacy, Great Reset, Global Reboot, Unreal Estate, Wall Street Blues, Uncapitalism, Capitalism Eats Itself, the Deep Economic Wrinkle, Collapsonomics, Econocataclysm, Uneconomy, The Opportunity, Economy 3.0, The Crisis, The Credit-Shrink, the Lost Decade, the Economic Slump, the Black Swan, The Great Mistake, Communism 2.0, Moneyquake, Yuppie Famine, vapor margin-call, Ponziconomy, dinosaur culling, Crashmob, World Wide WTF, Revaluation, Reevaluation, Runoffonomy, Crisisonomy, Sythonomy, Economy 101, Econopocalypse, Force Restart, the Crater, Unconomy, Reconomy, Decredit, Crudit, Crunkit, Devaluation, De-globalization, the Asset Bubble, the Long Doom…


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All frequencies at once, 20 years ago

Pitchfork put together a nice three part thing about Public Enemy’s classic “It take a nation of millions to hold us back” on its 20th birthday. A fascinationg look at the making of a classic and at technique now forbidden. Cause like the Beasties, PE was heavily into sampling back then, which today is practically impossible on this level thanks to copyright law…

This is Part 1:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Edit by andbehold:]
Okay, while we’re at it, here’s part 2 and 3.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Public Service Announcement

So, I went down to the Ticketcorner booth in Basel in order to get tickets for Dinosaur Jr.. Having looked up the price on the web before, I was somewhat taken aback by the bill. Ticketcorner’s webpage put the the price at 39,80 CHF each. The bill read 39,80 per ticket plus 1,60 Systemgebühr, plus 4,30 Vorverkaufsgebühr each!!!!

Ex-you-fuckin’-cuse me…That’s an increase of 5,90 per ticket. They got to be off their fucking rocker. Adding insult to injury, the 4,30 are a fee for buying the ticket early. I might be wrong here, but wasn’t the entire idea of buying early to get it cheaper. A bit off the price as a reward that people at the club would have an inkling as to how many people were going to show up.

Unfortunately, I had already paid by the time I realized I had been robbed (bought some other stuff too, long story). Ticketcorner is clearly profiteering of their quasimonopoly, giving it to the consumer up the rearend – bastards.

Now there are two things one can do about this. One: don’t buy Ticketcorner if you don’t have to. Starticket is a pretty good alternative for the nonexclusive stuff. Dinosaur incidentely is only 37 per ticket, and that’s it, if you do print at home.

The other thing one can do is point one’s fellow human beings toward the basic truths behind the Ticketcorner business. But please don’t believe me, believe DRS1. On Monday at 8:18 “Kostenpflichtige Info-Nummern: Zahlen fürs nichts!”

Bei den kostenpflichtigen Info-Nummern von Ticketcorner und SBB läuft der Gebührenzähler bereits dann, wenn der Kunde in der Warteschlaufe auf das Beratungsgespräch wartet. Sowohl Ticketcorner wie auch die SBB haben zwar schon vor Jahren in Aussicht gestellt, dieses Kundenärgernis zu beheben – passiert ist aber nichts.

Down with the evil tyrant!!!!


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Brummies get no respect at all…

A study into people’s perceptions of English dialect speakers has shown that some dialects seem to make the speaker sound more intelligent than others. (Now everybody in the Southern US or in Germany’s Saxony go tell me about it.)

But you know things are really bad for you if your accent can’t even outdo silence on the intelligence scale. Especially if you call Birmingham your home you get the short end of the stick…

Silence could well be golden for ambitious Brummies, after research found people with the distinctive nasal Birmingham accent were seen as stupid while those with a Yorkshire twang were considered clever.

The study into dialect and perceived intelligence found that people who said nothing at all were regarded as more intelligent than those with a Brummie accent.

This is despite a general trend in which regional dialects have become more respectable. The Yorkshire accent is rated as the most intelligent-sounding, beating received pronunciation, the accent of royalty and public school alumni, for the first time.

The biggest surprise the study has produced is that RP (received pronunciation, or The Queen’s English) rates even slightly lower than the Yorkshire accent.

The average intelligence ratings given by the study participants, out of 10, were: Yorkshire: 6.71; RP: 6.67; silence: 5.99; and Birmingham: 5.6.

Read the full article in the Guardian.

And now a few examples, taken from IDEA, the University of Kansas International Dialects of English Archive.

White female, born 1912, raised Greetland, West Yorkshire. Details.

White male, twenties, born Grimsby, raised Darlington. Details.

And now for a Brummy speaker:

White female, domestic worker, born 1947, lifelong resident of Gaydon, Warwickshire, a few miles from Birmingham. Details.

But let’s just make one thing clear:

Birmingham’s not shit.


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Steve Coleman – I want to hear a poem…

From Def Poetry Season 1.

Just pure niceness. He’d make a great rapper, too.


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