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What is the problem with Michael Jackson?

10 years later, we still haven’t a clue, to be honest.

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The greatest show on TV

HBOs “The Wire” is imho the best piece of american television produced in decades. Fot those already in the know here is a very in depth coverage of the whole series from a variety of angels by Darkmatter Journal.

For everybody else here is a taste:

Here two of the protagonists solve a murder, using only one word:

and another:

The Balitmore slang thing:

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Coffee-flavored coffee

Besides Starbucks apparent lack of a decent workplace, they have another major shortcoming. Considering they are supposed to serve coffee it is a bit funny how difficult it can be to actually get just that. Or as Dennis Leary said it below “Coffee-flavord Coffee”.

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Bibi says…

“If Israelis can’t build homes in the West Bank
then Palestinians shouldn’t be allowed to either.”

– Benjamin Netanyahu

The EU wants to improve relations with Israel on condition that the latter take concrete steps toward facilitating a Palestinian state. Which, by nature, means that Israelis would eventually need to haul ass out of the occupied territory which is the West Bank. But Topolanek, the Czech PM and this half-year’s president of the EU, has announced he won’t let that happen… Talking about window seats in history class. My suspicion is Topolanek made it through school on a sports scholarship…

Actually, Topolanek isn’t even the real Czeck PM anymore. He’s bout to get thrown out of his office after losing a vote of no confidence, but still in power as a “caretaker prime minister” until the new one moves in. Even the Czech don’t want him anymore. In terms of foreign policies, what Topolanek should do at this point is keep his mouth shut and get packing.

And Bibi’s ignorance and fanatism really starts to show through now (not that we’re surprised)…

He told the Czech leader he has no intention of halting the expansion of existing settlements. “I have no plans to build new settlements, but if someone wants to build a new home [in an existing one], I don’t think there’s a problem.” He characterized the West Bank as “disputed territory” over which negotiations must be held.

From Haaretz

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The name of the beast is not 666

Some may have noticed the tag I applied to the economics posts lately. I labeled those as “econopocalyshit” and thought myself very clever. Looks like a bunch of other people have been equally or even more creative. Below is a list by Bruce Sterling culled from Twitter, I think. Enjoy:

Meltdown, Credit Crunch, Great Recession, Econolypse, Depression II, D2, Compression, Subprimicide, Economic Debacle, Great Restructuring, the Bailout, TEOTWAWKI “The End of the World As We Know It,” The Long Emergency, The New Dark Ages, The New Austerity, the Inflection, The Great Disruption, Housing Crisis, Market FAIL, The Great Re-Skilling, Global Economic Restructuring, Tsunami, the Enronicom, The Great Ponzi, the Great Fake, Bush’s Legacy, Great Reset, Global Reboot, Unreal Estate, Wall Street Blues, Uncapitalism, Capitalism Eats Itself, the Deep Economic Wrinkle, Collapsonomics, Econocataclysm, Uneconomy, The Opportunity, Economy 3.0, The Crisis, The Credit-Shrink, the Lost Decade, the Economic Slump, the Black Swan, The Great Mistake, Communism 2.0, Moneyquake, Yuppie Famine, vapor margin-call, Ponziconomy, dinosaur culling, Crashmob, World Wide WTF, Revaluation, Reevaluation, Runoffonomy, Crisisonomy, Sythonomy, Economy 101, Econopocalypse, Force Restart, the Crater, Unconomy, Reconomy, Decredit, Crudit, Crunkit, Devaluation, De-globalization, the Asset Bubble, the Long Doom…


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Mister Amnesia

There’s a terrible disease out there which is predominantly found in politicians and other public figures. I’m not a doctor, but my diagnosis is that it’s a dangerously widespread case of instant nostalgia favoured by selective memory loss and a deep wish to be loved after all with which passing statesmen look back onto their careers and manage to not only directly contradict everything they’ve ever done while they still had the power to get things sorted out,  but also have the nerve to build themselves an instant monument in the hope of being remembered as one of the well-meaners, and not as the cheap, lying cowards and corrupted bastards they really were.

Exhibit A: Ehud Olmert. (The list is long. Let’s start out small.)

Former mayor of Jerusalem, now about to end his short-cut career as interim Prime Minister of Israel. He was put in charge after Ariel Sharon fell into a coma in 2006 (speaking of whom, here’s a way of dodging criticism…) Recurring allegations of corruption have made Olmert choose to call for new elections a bit earlier. (Not that the next batch of old faces is any better, mind you.)

First, from the NY Review of Books:

Olmert, who served as deputy prime minister in the Kadima-led government, assumed the premiership in 2006 when Sharon suffered a stroke. He announced his intention to resign this July amid a growing corruption scandal and a dismal public approval rating that never recovered from his failed 2006 war against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.


Olmert: “I said it five years ago, in an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, and I’ll say it to you today: we have a window of opportunity—a short amount of time before we enter an extremely dangerous situation—in which to take a historic step in our relations with the Palestinians and a historic step in our relations with the Syrians. In both instances, the decision we have to make is the decision we’ve spent forty years refusing to look at with our eyes open.

We must make these decisions, and yet we are not prepared to say to ourselves, “Yes, this is what we must do.” We must reach an agreement with the Palestinians, meaning a withdrawal from nearly all, if not all, of the [occupied] territories. Some percentage of these territories would remain in our hands, but we must give the Palestinians the same percentage [of territory elsewhere]—without this, there will be no peace.”

Despite this case of unblinking revisionism and blatant repositioning at a time when he just missed the opportunity to maybe NOT build the odd settlement for a change, and he’s had a lot of settlements built and extended, each new house being another “no way dude” in the face of Israeli withdrawal,  Time Magazine ends up buying his crocodile tears and makes Olmert’s look back a “swan song of historical importance.” As if the Palestinians needed yet another instance of teary-eyed lip services.

The realism behind Olmert’s change of heart is of tremendous import, summed up by one sentence: “The international community is starting to view Israel as a future binational state.” In other words, forget about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe Israel off the map. Echoing views he initially expressed in 2003, Olmert reasons that without an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, the Jewish state faces the self-inflicted, mortal danger of being destroyed by demographics, overwhelmed by Muslim and Christian Arabs demanding political representation. Olmert fears that the international community could ultimately favor a one-state solution, thus spelling the death of the two-state partition that has been at the core of an acceptable Israeli-Palestinian solution for decades. “Time is not on Israel’s side,” Olmert says. “I used to believe that everything from the Jordan River bank to the Mediterranean Sea was ours … But eventually, after great internal conflict, I’ve realized we have to share this land with the people who dwell here — that is, if we don’t want to be a binational state.”

How cute to realize that time is not on Israel’s side. I bet waiting for better times is 100 times easier to take while you’re floating in your swimming pool in your state-subsidised settlement home, surrounded by green lawns and palmtrees and the army watching your ass than standing outside on the road, enduring the umpteenth cavity search so you can go see your aunt on the other side of town.

But there’s hope that not everybody’s buying Olmert’s sob story. In fact, it seems that everybody in Israel and the Territories has his own reason for exclaiming “good riddance.” Four views on

Or to just quote from Ghassan Khatib’s farewell:

Ehud Olmert, who was elected three years ago as prime minister of Israel, will be remembered here as someone with an unprecedented and unique ability to combine peaceful and positive rhetoric with hostile and aggressive action vis-a-vis the Palestinians and Arabs in general.

A veteran supporter of the “greater Israel” ideology, Olmert nevertheless declared his intention to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and allow for the emergence of a Palestinian state after he was elected prime minister. In practical terms, however, he proved to be among those who did the most on the ground to prevent the possibility of two states ever emerging.


Olmert probably got away with the many contradictions between his rhetoric and actions because of the presence of an extremely biased American president. President Bush managed to confuse the terrorist organizations responsible for the September 11 attacks on the US–who were roundly condemned by everyone, including in the Arab and Muslim world–with the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people to end the illegal and belligerent military occupation of their homeland. As a result he was exploited fully by the Israeli leaders present during his term in office, Sharon and Olmert.

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Your land is our land…

Israel will Zahl der Siedler verdoppeln
73’000 neue Wohnungen im Westjordanland geplant.

Das israelische Wohnungsbauministerium will die Zahl der jüdischen Siedler im besetzten Westjordanland laut einem Radiobericht fast verdoppeln. Die Pläne sähen für die kommenden Jahre den Bau von 73’000 Wohnungen vor, 5700 davon im annektierten Ostteil Jerusalems.


«Die Umsetzung dieser Pläne würde die Schaffung eines palästinensischen Staates an der Seite Israels vollkommen unmöglich machen», kritisierte der Chef von «Frieden Jetzt».

Mehr bei

Soviel zur Bereitschaft Frieden zu schliessen. Diesmal von der Seite, die sich rausnimmt, Tausende von Menschen zu bombardieren und zu verbrennen, weil ein paar wenige Israelis in ihrem Siedlerglück gestört wurden.

Dass Frieden unter gleichberechtigten Bedingungen nie angestrebt wurde, sollte jetzt auch den etwas langsameren Leuten aufgehen.

Dazu passt auch gut folgender Kurzbericht über die Aussichten für Frieden im Heiligen Land.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

CBS – 60 Minutes – Is Peace out of Reach?

Meron Benvenisti used to be deputy mayor of Jerusalem. He told Simon the prospects of the two-state solution becoming a reality are “nil.”

“The geopolitical condition that’s been created in ’67 is irreversible. Cannot be changed. You cannot unscramble that egg,” he explained.

Dazu nochmal passend: Saree Makdisi – Forget the two-state solution.

Darüber, dass man sich lieber der Realität hingibt, dass Israel das wenige Land, das den Palästinensern noch übrig geblieben ist, nie vollständig aufgeben wird. Stattdessen sollte man sich überlegen, wie eine Ein-Staatenlösung machbar wäre. Das würde allerdings auch einiges an Israels Identität als Staat für Juden ändern…

Sie lassen nicht los, aber sie vereinen auch nicht konsequent. Zumindest nicht so, dass alle etwas davon hätten…

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This Gaza mess…

The quote of this week comes from the freshly returned Daily Show.

Jon Stewart: Hamas’ continued insistence on firing rockets into Israel, and Israel’s continued insistence on the soul-crushing segmentation and blockading of Gaza is a very complex situation…

[Various media pundits compare the situation to  rockets being fired into the United states from either Tijuana, Cuba or Vancouver…
Then, New York’s mayor Bloomberg makes it all the more accessible for Joe Sixpack:]

Bloomberg: Let me just phrase it for you, something that’ll bring it home. If you’re in your apartment and some emotionally disturbed person is banging on the door, screaming “I’m gonna come through this door and kill you,” do you want us to respond with one police officer, which is proportional, or with all the resources at our command?

Stewart: I guess that depends if I force that guy to live in my hallway. And make him go through checkpoints every time he has to take a sh*t.

It’s all in the last minute of this segment here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Steve Coleman – I want to hear a poem…

From Def Poetry Season 1.

Just pure niceness. He’d make a great rapper, too.


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