Torturing for peace…

… over bags of milk powder. Or just because…

Remember when the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan were made out to be the bad brutes, and the British troops were said to take the smarter, more humane approach?

These are some of the pictures of British “interrogation techniques” that the Spanish daily El País features on its website, referring to a report in The Guardian, but that one doesn’t have the same juicy pictures El País has put online.

Just a few impressions of how noble a cause the Brits have been fighting in Iraq (and who knows where else.)

Marck Cooley (25) threatening to punch an Iraqi prisoner, who in turn is tied up with a coarse net, presumably to induce “anxiety and disorientation,” as recommended by the manual.

And a similar position, this time with the added bonus of having British army Darren Larkin standing on top of the alleged milk powder thief.

Apparently this has been said to be a British soldier simulating a kick into the bundle that is supposed to be another British soldier. I have my doubts. Make that “you have got to be shitting me.” It’s the same bloke as in the other two pictures.

Speaking of shitting someone… There’s no better way of getting your suspect to open up to you than if you make him poke out his bum for another to ‘hit him from the back’, all the while you’re taking pictures (and cracking one off with the other hand, presumably.) These and similar scenes of prisoners forced to perform oral sex on each other testify to the kind of freedom and human rights the troops are dedicated to.

And now watch Tony Blair in his post-office self-congratulatory pensiveness looking back onto all the right choices he’s made. This isn’t exclusively about the wars, but one wonders how a man can stand behind all this and still show his mug on the telly. Not that others weren’t doing the same, but isn’t Tony Blair the official envoy to the Middle East peace process on behalf of The Quartet (US, Russia, EU and UN)? Excellent choice, gentlemen. Who could top his kind of street cred?

Tony Blair talks to Sir David Frost in “Frost over the World”

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