“A job like any other, a life like any other.”

On a scale of 1 to 10 that runs the gamut of human achievements to overcome adversity this ranks a solid 11.

Vladislav Rogozov was the first man to perfom an auto-appendectomy and in the Antarctic to boot. That means he cut out his own appendix because there was no one else around to do the job. The following excerpt is not for the squeamish. If you have the guts (ha) go over here and read the whole tale.

Following Rogozov’s instructions, the team members assembled an improvised operating theatre. They moved everything out of Rogozov’s room, leaving only his bed, two tables, and a table lamp. The aerologists Fedor Kabot and Robert Pyzhov flooded the room thoroughly with ultraviolet lighting and sterilised the bed linen and instruments.

As well as Rogozov, the meteorologist Alexandr Artemev, the mechanic Zinovy Teplinsky, and the station director, Vladislav Gerbovich, were selected to undergo a sterile wash. Rogozov explained how the operation would proceed and assigned them tasks: Artemev would hand him instruments; Teplinsky would hold the mirror and adjust the lighting with the table lamp; Gerbovich was there in reserve, in case nausea overcame either of the assistants. In the event that Rogozov lost consciousness, he instructed his team how to inject him with drugs using the syringes he had prepared and how to provide artificial ventilation. Then he gave Artemev and Teplinsky a surgical wash himself, disinfected their hands, and put on their rubber gloves for them.

When the preparations were complete Rogozov scrubbed and positioned himself. He chose a semi-reclining position, with his right hip slightly elevated and the lower half of the body elevated at an angle of 30°. Then he disinfected and dressed the operating area. He anticipated needing to use his sense of touch to guide him and thus decided to work without gloves.

Btw, the headline will become clear if you finish the article.

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  1. andbehold

    Take that, McGyver! This is some tough cookie. But he was probably drunk anyway.
    Tsk! Russians! ;)

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