New Britain?

Good luck to Tory PM David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Junior Partner Nick Clegg in turning around Britain from its 13 years of Labour’s “Third Way”. – A strategy that was initially supposed to find the common ground between liberal and conservative interests, much like Germany’s “Neue Mitte“… Well, that didn’t work (neither did it for Germany)… Now I wonder how the two parties from either side of Labour are going to manage just that.

If the deal works, it will change the shape of the Conservative party – and if it fails, the Lib Dems could find themselves rubbed out as a progressive force. (The Guardian)

Not sure if it can get much worse than Blair and Brown, to be honest. It was them that gladly went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was Brown as the Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) who oversaw the making of the crisis he ended up having to deal with as PM (talking about a fair deal for a change!), civil liberties have been done away with in the anti-terrorist frenzy… At the very worst, this government is going to end up with the same contradictory policy which ignores people’s real problems that Labour has thrust on Britain so far.

In the intense negotiations with the Lib Dems, the Tories agreed to drop their plans to raise the threshold for inheritance tax, but the Lib Dems accepted that spending cuts will start this year as part of an accelerated deficit reduction plan.

Civil liberties laws will be reviewed, including abolition of ID cards and a referendum will be held on the alternative vote electoral system in which Tories could oppose the change. The Tory annual immigration cap will be kept, and extra money for disadvantaged pupils has been agreed. The Tories have insisted that their plans to recognise marriage in the tax system remain, but the Lib Dems will be entitled to abstain on the issue.

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