Wanda Sykes does D.C.

With reference to the last post, I’ll see that and raise you on minorities cracking jokes. Here’s Wanda Sykes, a much-celebrated comedian who had the honour to speak at last year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which is an annual festivity at which the President as well as people from the press and media and entertainment industry are invited. Usually, a comedian gives the main monologue and the President then weighs in as well. With Bush, the jokes were a bit more on the earthy side (not to say lame), but with Obama (and his staff of writers, I presume), if there’s not much to laugh at Congress, at least we get a hearty laugh out of his more popular performances.
Here’s Wanda (who is a comedian of the more outspoken kind, and she’s also black and raises her white twins with her wife. So as far as minorities are concerned, she’s the go-to-woman to ask questions.)

And since I mentioned it, this may well be one of the finest bits of political comedy out there.
Remember: one explanation why California voted yes on the ban of gay marriage the same weekend they voted for Democrats (and by extension Obama) was that a lot of black voters cast a yes on the abolition of gay marriage. While this may have had some influence, it was still the religious right (mostly white) that threw all the money at the campaign, so to blame this on blacks would be wrong. This piece does however outline the parallels and the ridiculousness of discriminating against people who are just simply born a certain way.


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