The end of gaiety in New Jersey

New Jersey state senators dumped the bill asking for gay marriage to be allowed in the Garden of Eden State. What’s striking, and Wyatt Cenac nails this in his report for the Daily Show, is the complete lack of a historical perspective on the debate. Black people, hasidic Jews and more minorities were up in arms about the prospect of people having the freedom to marry who they want.

Here’s where my quote of the week comes in. (Click picture to watch.)

“It was just as our forefathers had envisioned. That one day, people who had been discriminated against for their religion or their color of their skin could come together to discriminate against people for their sexual orientation — without the slightest sense of irony.” (Wyatt Cenac)

Anyway, what’s with every reactionary ignoramus always trying to piggyback the founding fathers? At the time, they were amongst the most modern and visionary of their time, actually putting into law the ideals of the French Revolution which, even in France, was quickly compromised. (Okay, let’s leave slavery and the slaughtering of Indians out of this for half a second…)

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