Unhappy meals in Reykjavik

CNN surprised me with a heartfelt swan song on Iceland’s future lack of Happy Meals and Sausage Egg McMuffins. Great read.

Upon arrival at Reykjavik’s international airport the departure board displays a sign of things to come – the last flights of the day are to Boston and New York, destined no doubt to be packed with deserters as an exodus begins in search of the burger so cruelly denied to the indigenous populace. For those in search of such culinary comfort closer to home, a flight to the Irish capital Dublin will provide the nearest McDonalds outlet – a mere 2,000 kilometers from the runways of Reykjavik. […]

Iceland’s natural resources – steam and rock – and its lack of other resources – mayonnaise, hamburger relish, sesame buns, onion rings – have shaped its cuisine. But locally sourced food here actually means cheaper food. However, far from pickled herring, moss, minke whale, stewed seaweed or any of the abundant fresh seafood waiting to be steamed in the island’s volcanic oven, the Ogmundssons plan to replace McDonald’s with an Icelandic burger bar.


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