So… how’s life in the Bayou?

Just when you were getting depressed wondering how the US government has been prioritising its expenses, here’s an update on things in New Orleans. (Remember New Orleans? Levees breaking and DC not giving a hairy rat’s ass?) It’s an account by a blogger on a visit to his wife’s family, so it’s a personal impression with lots of pictures, but damn if it doesn’t speak louder than fixed stats at a smily-ass press conference.

Home. This was home. Boarded-up house 4 years after the flood.

"Home. This was home." Boarded-up house 4 years(!!) after the flood.

Entire streets were just sitting empty and the few standing houses looked haunted.  I walked through a few of them (carefully) and couldn’t stop thinking that the government is really run by a bunch of a**holes.  You mean to tell me they can go to war across the world, build space shuttles, and bail out banks but can’t help to rebuild a city after 4 years?  I asked my wife, if this happened in San Francisco, would the government look the other way?  She pointed to her skin and shrugged.  There were a few construction crews around, though, building new houses.  We saw some houses being built with the support of Brad Pitt.  Most of these houses looked like space ships sitting next to empty lots.  Built about 15 feet high, I figured that they were getting ready to ‘blast off’ in case the levee wall behind the houses broke again.  The worst scenes for me were the wandering depressed children and the multitude of abandoned schools just sitting empty.  It was crazy to drive a few blocks here or there and see the wealthy neighborhoods going about their business without a clue or care as to what’s happening in the poorer areas.  Another strange thing I saw was the make-up of the construction crews.  In a city with many, many African-American men in need of work, EVERY construction site (and Home Depot or Loews) we passed by had ONLY white and Mexican men working.  What the eff?

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