Pot. Kettle. Black…

While we’re talking about coffee, rue89.com has a report on how none other than the Golden Arches are taking on the Starbucks Empire with their new McCafé line, largely matching their menu, all the while going for the slightly cheaper angle, and they’re not shy about it, putting up signs like these all around Seattle, to rub it into their competitor’s face.
Signs like these are up all around Seattle

Okay, so Mickey D’s are looking for a new segment to venture into, figuring that if Starbucks can open a new joint every half hour (or “used to could,” as Jeff Foxworthy said), they should be able to make a few extra clams off this business as well.

So far so cheeky, but what really takes the cake (pardon, the double chocolate muffin with a dollop of cream cheese) in my opinion is Starbucks’ reply, which proves that their marketing department must be based in the proverbial ivory tower. Or they read too many of their own leaflets.

Oh yeah??

Now compare and contrast with our posting from before. Think, have a cup of fair trade union-friendly tea to help you with the brainracking and enjoy the bitter aftertaste of this disjointed coffee brewer’s workings…

Article on rue89.com (French)


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