Starbucks – some call it the Evil Empire

Here’s the trailer for a movie highlighting Starbucks unionbusting activities:

Not really surprising. This is what a lot of companies do. The local badboy probably being Lidl.



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2 responses to “Starbucks – some call it the Evil Empire

  1. andbehold

    You know how they tell you about their own socially responsible brand of fair trade coffee? (They refuse to use that word, but it’s something to that effect, or at least to give you that impression.) I once e-mailed the Swiss franchise running Starbucks to ask how much of their coffee sold was actually fair-trade, and the answer was they didn’t know.
    Now they seem to be pretty good at setting prices and making money. And they’re telling me they don’t know how much of which they sell? Even a mom-and-pops store on the corner with a shoebox for a register could tell you how many bags of coffee they sell a month.
    Starbucks is full of crap. And expensive like a mu-huh-fu-huh on top of that.

  2. louiszyphire


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