End Racism..?

Chappatte saves me words…


Those who could eventually be arsed to turn up for the conference seem to take it so seriously that they point out all the problems an international conference for the elimination of racism wants to end:

– Making provocative gestures at others while assuming oneself is above criticism. (I’m the victim! – No, I’M THE VICTIM, you $#@!)

– Lack of diplomacy and readiness for open dialogue, hell, maybe a wee bit of self-criticism, even if it hurts.

– Lack of any suitable measure to actually take steps against instances of racial discrimination. Which begs the question why even bother…

Bottom line:

Ahmadinejad is seemingly incapable of diplomatic sweet-talk (i.e. rehash the conference’s aims and goals, smile into the cameras, shake more hands than just Swiss federal president Merz’s, then turn around and do the opposite of everything he just said) like everybody else does. That would’ve been entirely acceptable and worthy of any head of state. But he’s too desperate to forge Iran into the Muslim world’s Big Brother to lean on. If only Israel or the US attacked Iran, maybe then the Muslims would accept it as one of them and give the man some respect. I’m not sure if Ahmadinejad is serious enough to start a real war on his own. Dogs that bark, etc. (I know, there are exceptions to that saying.)

No wonder Israel tried to make this into another Hitler-moment. They heavily rely on all criticism being Nazi at heart. It never fails to produce the desired knee-jerk reflex among Israelis. But half of Ahmadinejad’s speech has something to it. The bit about Jews building a racist nation where they repeat the crimes they had suffered under. That would’ve been the moment to start arguing. But walking out works better for the cameras and it saves you the quest for words.

And like sheep, the EU politicians followed. Wasn’t it about time Europe grew a pair of balls and pinned people like Ahmadinejad and Netanjahu down for some serious talking? Lock them into a closet for 48 hours to hug and sweat it out? Wasn’t that the idea of the conference?

Maybe I don’t get politics…

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