Understanding finance… and kicking it in the shin.

To refute the common excuse that nobody saw the financial crisis coming once and for all, here’s a pair of videos for your bitter enjoyment.

First off, it’s a brilliant visualization of the “Crisis of Credit”, by Jonathan Jarvis. He produced this film as part of his thesis in a Media Design Program and the result sure gets a “pass” from me.

Ever wondered how this giant muck up was possible? Or you kinda know but couldn’t really explain? Here’s a great way to do so.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And now, since we’re slowly getting back on top of the issue, let’s watch how Mr. Funnyman, Jon Stewart, goes deep for a show, and that’s in the double sense of the term. He faces off with MSNBC’s Jim Cramer to give him and his audience the down-low on just how much of a crap job Jim is doing on his show “Mad Money”. And while serving up exhibit A-Z with video evidence, he effortlessly but thoroughly rips Jim a new a*hole. It’s both upsetting and refreshing to watch. The Daily Show should do this more often. The whole show with the complete setup to the duel is here (and the interview can even be watched in unedited segments, with a few extra minutes and more personal comments) and well worth peeping. Below is just a main segment to give you an idea.

The Daily Show: Brawl Street

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As bad as Jim Cramer ends up looking with his past as a hedge fund manager and current job posing as a market analyst on TV, it’s remarkable how both stay very civil and respectful of each other. That shows that he could probably do a lot better if he tried a bit.


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