Sanctimonious bastard(s)

Another reason why the catholic church needs to go onto the dung heap of history. From the Guardian:

The Vatican has been accused of putting the lives of thousands at risk by attempting to influence UN drugs policy on the eve of a major international declaration.

The Vatican’s objection to “harm reduction” strategies, such as needle exchange schemes, has ignited a fierce debate between the US and the EU over how drugs should be tackled.

A new UN declaration of intent is due to be signed in Vienna on 11 March. However, there are major disagreements between member countries over whether a commitment to “harm reduction” should be included in the document, which is published every 10 years.

Now the Vatican has issued a statement that claims that using drugs is “anti-life” and “so-called harm reduction leads to liberalisation of the use of drugs”. The Vatican’s last-minute intervention appears to have led to Italy withdrawing from the EU consensus on the issue and thrown the talks over the declaration into confusion.

I wonder what the Pope would be like, if he had to life in the world he and his kind are creating. Like what Richard Dawkins said in the God Delusion: “There are good people and bad people, but for good people to do bad it takes religion” (quoted from memory, so it might not be exact).



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2 responses to “Sanctimonious bastard(s)


    Nothing much came of that summit in Vienna, now did it. But it’s weird how Americans are now contemplating the legalization of pot in order to tax the shit out of the shit. “Smoke more weed so we can bail out more numbskull CEOs.”

    I like the Dawkins quote, by the way. It reminds me of a recent saying that’s been making the rounds, “The rich live in socialism and the poor have to live in capitalism” (or something of the sort). Kinda sums up what’s happened these past ten years.

  2. louiszyphire

    I would go back a lot longer – maybe 500 years with intermittent periods of not so bad; at least for some of us in the western world.

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