Big Brother music video productions

So you have a band and you want to get out your own music video? But camera equipment is not always readily available and you don’t want to drag out your iMac webcam to shoot your outdoor sequences?

Luckily, the UK are very music video friendly since they are the world leaders in surveillance cameras. So this band right here figured they didn’t need a stinkin camera guy giving them useless directions. They just set up in front of various CCTV cameras outside, in the street, in taxis and tramways and performed their song a couple of times. Quite conveniently, citizens have the right to access CCTV footage and so they just had the material sent to them for a bit of editing.

Everybody should start doing this. Celebrate your next children’s birthday in front of a CCTV camera near you and request the birthday video afterwards. – One copy for each of the kids, naturally…


The Get Out Clause – Paper

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