Japanese Soda

Hentai is the japanese word for weird (at least that’s what somebody explained to me today, in spite of my best efforts to convince him it was a term for animated tentacle porn). Sure enough, there are many weird things about Japan, not least of all the kinds of beverages they drink. Someone made a nice list here and here. Please find a personal favorite of mine below:

From Kid’s Wine to Kid Swine… Ahh, the things women will do to stay young and beautiful for us!Thank you ladies, really… but there comes a point where bizarre beauty potions intended to make you luscious, just make us nauseous – and Nihon Shokuten’s eerie series of placenta products are a prime example.

Made with swine placenta, the drink carries the automotive-sounding name of “Placenta 400000” – perhaps it’s made from the ground & pressed extract of 400,000 placentas? Nihon Shokuten’s not telling, but their revolting beverage should come pre-packaged with mints because there’s nothing worse than placenta-breath in the morning.

Didn’t something about Tom Cruise and his baby’s placenta make the rounds a while back?



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2 responses to “Japanese Soda

  1. andbehold

    You’d be surprised about how many people take their placenta home after giving birth to their baby. I’ve heard of people who keep it in the freezer and save it for a special stew… Personally, I’d rather go with those who bury it in their backyard, to plant a tree on it or something. We don’t HAVE to eat and drink every damn thing that comes out of us… *shudders*

  2. louiszyphire

    I actually know people who did this. The fun part was, when they buried it in the yard, it being the middle of winter. Taking a pickaxe to frozen ground is always a challenge…

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