Good News…

First of all, now offers full episode streaming in a pretty reasonably-sized screen. (Until now, only bits and skits were available, in a much smaller screen and often introduced by some commercial.) So now I can forget about the “International edition” (weekly digest shows) on CNN.

Second, this episode here is again proof that Jon and his team still have it. The whole first half of it is instant classic. From the news of a new record on the terrorist watchlist to the New Yorker cartoon depicting Barack Obama and his wife as muslim militants. Hilarious.

(In the last bit, Pierce Brosnan comes in to plug “Mamma Mia”, which you needn’t necessarily watch. Who wants to see Pierce singing??)

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One response to “Good News…

  1. eardrummer


    fuckin classic. thanks for pointing out that full episodes are now available. been dying to see those. and it already pisses me off how they’re going on about that New Yorker cover. for crying out loud!!

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