The raven…

Usually urban environments are not good for many animals. But some managed to adapt, including this here raven.
Additionally, I seem unable to embed the video. Anyone know why?



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4 responses to “The raven…

  1. eardrummer

    Man, that is one smart crow right there. But I do wonder how much of it is accidental. I don’t think the bird can comprehend the difference between the red and green stop signs, and it probably just happened to sit on a power line that runs over a pedestrian crossing. It couldn’t possibly have flown there on purpose. Anyhoo…

    There’s a reason why you can’t embed the video. WordPress is a bit iffy when it comes to embedding any kind of outside material that is made up of scripts (flash, javascript, and the like). By default, you can only embed YouTube, Google, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and two or three other kinds of videos without problems.

    Here’s all the info and the how-tos:

    And then there is VodPod, which WordPress allows as well. VodPod is not a place where you can upload your videos, like on YouTube. It is more like a huge collection of videos from all over the internet. It lets you “collect” any type of video from pretty much any website. Then that video gets its own VodPod ID, like on YouTube, and then you can use that ID to post the clip on WordPress.

    You can either browse the existing VodPod collections and post videos from there. Or, if you can’t find what you need, add the clip to the collection yourself and then post it. It would also work for the crow video from Metcafe. (Although I think that one’s also available on YouTube, which is always the easiest way to go.)

    Here’s the condensed version…

  2. McCain

    die raben sind in japan. daher intelligenter. japanische logik eben. glasklar wie die unverpestete luft.

  3. andbehold

    The thing about smart ravens is old. I’ve seen the nutcracker trick several times myself… (on the telly, mind you).
    Apparently, raven populations around the world differ in skills, so they’re not all equally smart or crafty. And from the latest bit I’ve seen, one population in some Pacific island group is the smartest. They showed one raven that couldn’t get to the juicy maggots inside a hollow branch, so it went and found itself a piece of wire which it bent into shape so it could use the wire as a kind of toothpick with a hook to hassle the maggots to the point that they would hold on to the hook themselves and so the raven could pull the juicy worm out of there. Almost a bit eerie. I know human beings who couldn’t figure that out…

  4. louiszyphire

    Thanks for the info. Will try better next time. Sorry for the delayed answer by the way, I was on vacation.

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