Die commie – die, die, die…

Here is a business idea. Since this is the digital age allow for different voice commentators for those football games. There should be multiple channels where metacommentary is allowed. Because if there is one thing more awfull than the recent games it is the commentary. 120 minutes of mindnumbing boredom taken to new lows by Benny Thurnherr or some other moron.

It is hot, and late, and I’m going to bed.


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One response to “Die commie – die, die, die…

  1. andbehold

    Metacommentary of today is: Thank fuck it’s over.
    And I’m kinda happy the Spanish team ended up winning, albeit with a meagre result. I was hoping for 3:2 or some other goalfest.
    Here’s to two years of non-footie craziness.

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