The transplant that just works

This is not entirely new, but still astounding. Apparently a girl that received a liver transplant and adopted the donor’ immune system.

Miss Brennan no longer has to take toxic anti-rejection drugs, which transplant patients need to consume for the rest of their lives to stop an internal fight between their new organ and their immune system.

It gets even weider:

When tests came back, her doctors were astonished to find the girl’s blood group had changed from O-negative, the same as her parents, to the donor’s blood type of O-positive.

Further tests revealed stem cells from the donor liver had penetrated Miss Brennan’s bone marrow – a phenomenon her doctors have described as a natural bone marrow transplant.

They say they were even more surprised when they found the girl’s immune system had been almost totally replaced.

This is the one in six billion lottery winner. If they find out how she did it, some company will doubtlessly get rich selling it to the rest of the world, or at least the parts willing and able to shell out the big bucks…


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