With a litte help from the UEFA…


… Che Guevara’s daughters could take on efficiently all the wannabe-rebels in the world who sport their dad’s unshaved face on a t-shirt etc. For according to the Guardian they think,

A man who fought and died trying to overthrow capitalism and material excess should not be used to sell British vodka, French fizzy drinks and Swiss mobile phones, among other travesties.

So,  Guevara-girls, why don’t you hook up with the UEFA and their undercover sponsoring-detectives to track down the people and companies who use the Che’s face illegally?

…Totalitarians of the world unite! 


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One response to “With a litte help from the UEFA…

  1. andbehold

    The solution is easy. The Guevara family should become exclusive UEFA sponsor (you’re in from a few million upwards). The rest will pretty much take care of itself: people’s bootleg Che-T-shirts will be ripped off their bums, good-for-nothings will be banned from listening to Rage Against The Machine, litigations with the Castro family will ruin Cuba completely and save the revolution from selling out to hotel chains and cigar importers.
    And on the upside, the Guevara family will have exclusive rights to marketing their dad’s mug any way they deem appropriate. Kalshnikov’s limited CHE edition, Boots’ soothing footrub cream for professional revolutionaries trapped in the mountains, and the retro-styled re-issue of Che’s original asthma pump! The revolutionarily correct way of keeping old Ernesto’s heritage alive, innit?

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