Vote for McCain… (not)

Here’s somebody who wasn’t tortured enough
while in captivity in Viet Nam…

While Barack Obama caught all the heat for his pastor’s views on America, I don’t see anyone bashing the living daylights out of this criminal John Hagee for the shite he spouts, or Candidate John “bomb Iran” McCain himself for welcoming this dangerous looney’s backing aka spiritual guidance… (but that would require something like a spirit inhabiting this old carcass in the first place. Somebody waterboard some sense into him.)

To paraphrase this fucknuts loosely, Hitler did God’s work by driving the Jews out of the world and into Israel. – Hey, it’s all in Jeremiah 16, verse 15 and following, apparently. And if it’s in a collection of stories, whatever you make of it must be God’s will. (God loves intellectual copyright infringement!)

but wait, there’s more… behold… Pastor Parsley. His more recent spiritual advisor…

Lord have mercy…



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2 responses to “Vote for McCain… (not)

  1. eardrummer

    [insert long rant with lots of foul language]

  2. McCain

    [insert long rant with lots of foul language]

    [insert long hymn to obama rant with lots of chiming bells]

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