Meet The Internet Stars (South Park)

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4 responses to “Meet The Internet Stars (South Park)

  1. eardrummer

    there’s the sneezing panda again. (o;

    i remember seeing this video in the actual south park episode. it was so hilarious i nearly pissed my pants. great stuff!

  2. andbehold

    … well done. that’s what made me post it in the first place. maybe a tad bit obscure for the uninitiated (if you haven’t heard “what what – in my butt”), but I figured we needed something less brainy for a change. ;)

  3. louiszyphire

    I agree, less brainy is always good. One can take a good thing to far. I knew about half of the youtube stars here. Chris Croker, the Britney fan (leave Britney alone), is worth checking out, by the way. Totally off his rocker…

  4. andbehold for full episodes and a selection of scenes.

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