Public Service Announcement

So, I went down to the Ticketcorner booth in Basel in order to get tickets for Dinosaur Jr.. Having looked up the price on the web before, I was somewhat taken aback by the bill. Ticketcorner’s webpage put the the price at 39,80 CHF each. The bill read 39,80 per ticket plus 1,60 Systemgebühr, plus 4,30 Vorverkaufsgebühr each!!!!

Ex-you-fuckin’-cuse me…That’s an increase of 5,90 per ticket. They got to be off their fucking rocker. Adding insult to injury, the 4,30 are a fee for buying the ticket early. I might be wrong here, but wasn’t the entire idea of buying early to get it cheaper. A bit off the price as a reward that people at the club would have an inkling as to how many people were going to show up.

Unfortunately, I had already paid by the time I realized I had been robbed (bought some other stuff too, long story). Ticketcorner is clearly profiteering of their quasimonopoly, giving it to the consumer up the rearend – bastards.

Now there are two things one can do about this. One: don’t buy Ticketcorner if you don’t have to. Starticket is a pretty good alternative for the nonexclusive stuff. Dinosaur incidentely is only 37 per ticket, and that’s it, if you do print at home.

The other thing one can do is point one’s fellow human beings toward the basic truths behind the Ticketcorner business. But please don’t believe me, believe DRS1. On Monday at 8:18 “Kostenpflichtige Info-Nummern: Zahlen fürs nichts!”

Bei den kostenpflichtigen Info-Nummern von Ticketcorner und SBB läuft der Gebührenzähler bereits dann, wenn der Kunde in der Warteschlaufe auf das Beratungsgespräch wartet. Sowohl Ticketcorner wie auch die SBB haben zwar schon vor Jahren in Aussicht gestellt, dieses Kundenärgernis zu beheben – passiert ist aber nichts.

Down with the evil tyrant!!!!



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3 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. Down with the system. Especially if it costs a buck 60 extra.
    Support your local record store if they sell tickets, too.
    (Roxy, for instance. And especially since they’ve started to sell vinyl by the crates again.)

  2. eardrummer

    I can only second that comment. Roxy gets lots of love from me now.
    I try to avoid Ticketcorner whenever possible. Only when they are absolutely the only ones selling the tix do I go there. They’re like the Microsoft or McDonald’s of Swiss ticket retailers.

  3. bananero

    Don’t be so hard on Ticketcorner. Those guys are at the moment owned by Capvis, the Swiss Private Equity firm who will resell the company within the next few years. But until then they have to extract some profits. And no one will buy a ticket-company, that doesn’t deliver good results. So hey, just pay that extra fee, so that they can go on with their business…

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