Phil Donahue is a genius…

… and Bill O’Reilly is an asshole (who knew?)

But Phil really does deserve my respect for being able to get a word in and manage to hand Bill’s ass to him.

Apparently, there is nothing Bill wouldn’t defend in the name of FauxNews.

Speaking of which, if you wanna know a bit more about how Fox works, there’s a fantastic documentary called “Outfoxed”. Below is a short trailer.


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3 responses to “Phil Donahue is a genius…

  1. eardrummer

    Well, somebody was busy today.

    This shit is preposterous beyond all conceivable believe. I knew “Fucks News” was bad before I saw these two vids, but this makes me wanna rant even more than on the Scientology-eats-outta-Tom-Cruise’s-ass-and-vice-versa post.

    I’m strongly opposed to physical violence and its kinfolk, but if I had been in Phil’s shoes in that situation up there, I’da snapped like a twig in a thunderstorm. Jumped outta my seat and went straight for that muthafucka’s neck. That bitch-ass cunt. And then up to Rupert’s office to feed him his own balls. And then off to the fucking White House (“white” being the color of innocence, mind you) to shove the Oval-Office flag pole up Bushies hairy eunuch ass. That goddam motherfuckin cocksuckin dope fiend wiggled his ass out of fighting in Vietnam and now he’s pulling the exact same mistake-shit in Iraq 40 years later. Well, Dick “what’s in a name” Cheney probably is pulling the strings, but still.

    (I know you guys moderate the comments. Rightly so. In this case, anyway. I don’t wanna get you in WordPress trouble by spewing my guts all over your blog. But I had to get this shit outta my system.)

  2. eardrummer

    Oops. Or maybe you only moderate a person’s first comment and let the others pass through unnoticed. (Picture me with an innocent smile just now.) Saweee.

  3. Yah! ;) We already had you in our books as “friendly and faithful follower” (alliteration!) – now we may have to review our notes a bit… ;)
    But it’s all about Freedom of Speech, like Ice-T said… “just watch what ya say.”
    btw, I’m sure O’Reilly wouldn’t mind your foul mouth…

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