Bust My Ass – New Labour and Civil Liberties

An episode of the BBC3’s “Mischief” series, this one addresses the issue of New Labour Laws, introduced under Tony “3rd Way” Blair. The presenter Sam Delaney takes us to everyday situations in which every UK resident runs the danger of getting arrested – for things as banal as wearing a T-shirt or standing on the wrong side of the street while using your alleged freedom of speech. (One elderly man was literally dragged out of a speech Jack Straw was giving – for saying the word “Nonsense”. Another was arrested because he claimed a policeman’s horse was gay… You get the picture.)

As shocking and worrying as the documentary on the Big Brother state is in essence, Sam manages to get it all across with a smirk when he finds new innovative ways of working around the law to still get the message across: Bollocks to Blair.

Bollocks to Blair

(is this the coolest mom or what?)

The episode is about an hour long, here chopped into 6 parts.



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