Tom Cruise is special…

Quite frankly, I’m a bit lost for words. But the Church of Scientology seem to have found their ONE who’s willing to make a complete ass of himself to spread the word. Here he is talking about what being a scientologist means to him, a snippet taken from a cult-internal indoctrination video, apparently.

In between his whacky smiles and his meaningfully-raised eyebrows, he keeps referring to KSW (Keep Scientology Working) and SPs (Suppressive Person). And man, does this bad boy get a laugh out of them…

Also, a bunch of hackers have declared war on Scientology, shutting down their UK website.
And the protests against the cult goes on… Read here.


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  1. eardrummer

    a lot of explicit insults come to mind right now which i won’t indulge in because your blog’d probably get kicked for it. but you just gotta love them hackers for doing their jobs properly for once.

    this brings and incredible incident back to my memory from about 8 or 9 months ago. you probably heard about the BBC reporter, John Sweeney, going totally bananas right in the face of one of scientology’s top wankers, Tommy something-or-other. the bbc guy wanted to do a nice investigative journalism report on that “group,” giving them a chance to also speak from their perspective (not just accusing but letting the “victim” talk as well). some real thorough work. so he followed this top-ranked fucker around for a while and he ended up with more dirt on Ziontology than ever. they of course realize that and start harassing the poor guy in ways unfathomable.

    at one point towards the end of his hands-on research they provoke him so much that he just fucking loses his shit and has something that looks like an aggressive nervous breakdown to me. i have never ever seen a guy going so fucking mental. the ziontologists of course had the reporter’s reaction on video cam because they’ve been following him around, too, filming his every move. the next day they put the video of the bbc-reporter-gone-totally-bonkers on the internet, take it completely out of context and convey a message like, “look at how fucking stupid the inferior people are.”

    anways, if you search yootoobe for “john sweeney bbc scientology” you’ll get a bunch of vids with the man’s unprecedented ranting outburst and the events that lead up to it.

    it’s moments like these when i’m seriously and vigorously starting to doubt mankind (due to scientology, not the ranting reporter).

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