The beginning of history…

So, once again I´m taking inspiration from my esteemed collegue. History in the eyes of the Daily Show, very worthy of note. Below please find another take on history by Mr Charles Stross. Excerpts from his piece on the beginning of history for the BBC:

The storage requirement for a video stream and two audio streams, plus GPS location, is only about 10,000 Gb per year – which will cost about £10 by 2017.

With your phone converting all the speech it hears to text (and storing that, too, and indexing it by time and location it becomes possible to search it all – like having Google for your memory.

You don’t ever need to forget a conversation again, even if all you can recall about it is that it was with a stranger you met in a given pub about two months ago and someone mentioned the word “fishhooks”.

This technology is available now — some researchers are using it – in a few years’ time, it’s going to be as cheap as owning a mobile phone, and a few years later it’ll be just an extra feature of your mobile phone.

For the first time ever, the human species will have an accurate and unblinking, unvarnished view of its own past as far back as the dark ages of the first decade of the 21st Century, when recorded history “really” began.

Sorting through all this stuff might be a bitch though, with standards dictated in part by companies uninterested in general readability…

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