Cheap Shots

Since my esteemed collegue kind of set the theme for the week, I´ll try to sing along. If you follow the link below you will find a timeline delineating the activities of the Junior Bush within the realm of civil liberties. With very little doubt these all are nadshots too…

The timeline:



Presidential directive delays indefinitely the scheduled release of presidential documents (authorized by the Presidential Records Act of 1978) pertaining to the Reagan-Bush administration. Link

Bush and Cheney begin process of radically broadening scope of documents and information which can be deemed classified. Link


The National Security Agency (NSA) sets up Project Groundbreaker, a domestic call monitoring program infrastructure. Link


Bush administration order authorizes NSA monitoring of domestic phone and internet traffic. Link

via 10 Zen Monkeys


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  1. schreibkrampf

    A very fitting follow-up. I’m sure there’s more where that was thought up…

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